Vasiliy Sarychev
"In the Search of the By-Gone Time"

cover of Book 1

Book One

Published in Brest in 2006. This is a book of 308 pages, profusely illustrated with historical photos.

Main themes:

• Medieval Brest,
• Russian Brest-Litovsk
• Polish Brest-on-Bug (Brześć nad Bugiem)
• Jewish Brisk

This book is based on documents, testimonies and interviews with eyewitnesses. It attempts to reconstruct the genuine past of Brest, starting with the interesting old town that sprang up on the delta of the Mukhavets River -- later to become the site for the famous fortress of Brest. The history also includes the Polish period of 1919-1939.
In preparation for this book, the author interviewed hundreds of Brest inhabitants, seeking multidimensional, broad, and diverse views, as well as a variety of historical factoids – nuggets of real history from real people.

This documentary uses the stories of ordinary Brest citizens, the real makers of history. The author deliberately avoided telling the story through prominent figures, heroes and celebrities, to avoid the self-serving slants that too often characterize their stories. Instead, he focuses on real people, who have lived in Brest, absorbed its air – and its charm – people who have performed no outstanding deeds, but have left their marks of good on the lives of others.

The book deserves attention not only due to its historic value, but also to the unusual way of presentation, as the starting point and philosophical background for each chapter are unique pictures from old family albums.

Here are some chapters from Book One in Russian:

Medieval Brest

Once upon a time there was a town

The old town

Jesuit complex

Brest castle

Vitovt, Jagiello and others

Market Square

Brest of merchants

Magdeburg Law

Polish Brest-on-Bug

Russian Gymnasium

Nina Adrich

Falcon and eyas

Gymnasium orchester

Cinderella from 1932

Nadja Czerwinski

Moment of the Czerwinskis

Jaroslaw Szyrniuk

Trilinka flag-stones

School dress

Jura Kloczko

The Kloczkos

The factory of brides

"Eugine Onegin" of 1933

Alla parachuter

Mika Guzowska

Brest garison


Stadium of 82 Regiment

Ladies of Brest

First teacher

Andrey Vasilyuk

Light breath

Lola Wierszuk

Argentine dream

Nina Dudik

Photo shop

Sidewalk snaps

Boris Jaszczuk

Happy New 1932 Year!

Christmas presents

Brothers Gampers

First love

Choir of 1923

Choir of 1929

Nikolay Dranko

Maria Sakharuk

Gymnasium choir

Vitali Kosieniuk

Lina Tsintsiper

Anna Kozel

Wedding with a general



Macierz szkolna

Romuald Traugutt Gymnasium


An Evening Party in 1937

The Markevichs Family

Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz Gymnasium

Tarbut Gymnasium

Prucie-darcie school

Powszechna School

Jewish Brisk

Jewish Brest

Brest Synagogue

Grynberg's Chemist's Store

Brest Ghetto

Basya Melnik

Misha Sarver