"In the Search of the By-Gone Time"

Grynberg's Chemist's Store

There were several chemist's stores in the prewar Brest. The oldest ones were owned by Jankowski at the corner of Dabrowski Str. and 3d May Str., Sasski in 3d May Str. near the new market, Suchecki in Jagiellonsk Str., Solomon Grinberg in Dabrowski Str, David Rakov at the corner of Dabrowski Str. and Kosciuszko Str., Kiwa Kagan&Peisach Halpern in Perec Str. All of them are no longer chemist's stores, but that designed and built in 1925 by the Jewish architect Solomon Grinberg (Grynberg) survived. Today it houses a chemist's on the ground floor, it looks fine after the millennium reconstruction of 2009. In the late 1990s, Jack Grinberg from Los Angeles, USA visited Brest. He was thrilled to see the chemist's working to these days in the house of his grandfather. He visited also Zhabinka. His family was hiding in Nazi occupied town till 1944, because all Jews of Brest were forced to live in the ghetto in 1941 and murdered in October 1942.