"In the Search of the By-Gone Time"

Mikhail Sarver

The Sarvers were a Jewish well-to-do family in the prewar Brest. The oldest, Abraham Sarver was born in 1898, he owned a cinema. In those days moves meant much more than today. The cinema like a magnet attracted all. His son Mikhail (above) succeeded the business after father's death, yet he lost it in 1939 when nationalization started. Unlike most Jews, he did not leave the USSR. After the war, he came back to Brest and lived here till he died in the 1990s. That was a remarkable personality in many ways, a brilliant story teller. Everyone knew him in Brest. He managed to establish contacts with many famous people abroad, though he actually did not travel abroad due to the Soviet restrictions. He was full of optimism, a well educated person and ... a big admirer of beautiful ladies.