City Maps of Brest

The reconstruction of the medieval Brest by Pavel Tatrnikov at

The streets of Brest have been renamed several times, I refer to the major periods as follows:

Russian Period - Brest-Litovsk - 1823

A detailed map with street names at

Russian Period - Brest-Litovsk - 1910-1915

Brest map, 1914

Polish Period - 1921 - 1939

Brest map, 1939

Soviet period - 1944 - 1991

Belarusian Period - from 1991

Brest map, 2000

today's Brest

At the website the previous names of the streets are given referring to the periods above.

The Period 1939 - 1944 is omitted, as there are few documents with the street names of that period.  If need be, researchers can contact me to get the names for the said period.  

In the Soviet period most of the streets were named after writers, poets, scientists, revolutionaries, war heroes, prominent Soviet statesmen.
As a matter of fact, few streets have been renamed in the Belarusian Period. Unless the Belarusian period is mentioned, today's street names at the website  remain unchanged since the Soviet period.
One of the few streets that was renamed in Belarusian period was Moshensky Street, to commemorate the late entrepreneur Mikhail Moshensky, who set up a fish trading business Santa Impex Brest in the early 1990s and was a well known businessman in Belarus. He died in May 2000.
In the 1990s, the western stretch of Moskovskaya Street was named Masherov Avenue after P.M.Masherov.