"In the Search of the By-Gone Time"

Basya Melnik

The young girl from Brest-Litovsk named Basya Melnik was one of the numerous victims of Nazism. Unlike the story of the well-known Anna Frank, no diary by Basia's has survived. No eyewitnesses who could tell anything about her were found after the war. The only thing we know is that she was registered like all Jews of the Brest ghetto in 1941 and was likely killed in the massacre in mid-October 1942 in the forest near Bronnaya Gora (Brona Gora) 117 km east of Brest. Over 50 thousand Jews were forcefully crammed into freight cars and transported to Brona Gora in 1942. Immediately after their arrival, the Jews were shot at the site. In Kobrin in 1942, the Catholic priests Wladyslaw Grobelny and Jan Wolski were hiding 8 Jewish kids. Unfortunately, they were arrested and shot in the street by the Catholic church. Chernavchitsy is a village, 10 km north of Brest. Near the village in 1942 a big number of Jews were killed. The eyewitness recalls that lots of pictures were scattered about the field after the massacre.

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"In the Search of the By-Gone Time", Book 1
by Vasiliy Sarychev.

In the Search of the By-Gone Time, Book 1

More about the girl from archival source.
Basya Melnik was born in 1927 to Osher and Ida in Brest.
Prior to WWII she was a schoolgirl in Brest, Poland.