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The title of the book means "Memory" in Byelorussian. That is a collection of historical texts and documents, relating about all 10 centuries of Brest's history. The texts are in Russian and Byelorussian. In 2 volumes. Published in Minsk by "Belta" in 1997, ISBN 985-6302-05-6

Brest 1919 - 1939

Historic documents and materials, archival documents about Brest in the inter-war period. In Russian, (308 pages). In the book there are numerous inter-war documents, stored in the Brest regional Archive, ISBN 978-985-521-049-9, Brest, "Alternativa", 2009

Brześć niezapomniane miasto

(Brest Unforgettable Town) was written in Polish by Danuta Waszczukowna-Kamieniecka
Brest Unforgettable Town
Printed by Caldra House Ltd, 23 Coleridge Street, Hove, Sussex BN3 5AB. This book provides a lot of valuable information about the inter-war Brest as the author spent her childhood in Brest.

Obrońcy Twierdzy Brzeskiej we wrześniu 1939 roku

(Defenders of the Brest Fortress in September 1939) by Jerzy Sroka. In Polish. Biała Podlaska, 1992.

В поисках утраченного времени

(In the Search of the By-Gone Time) was written in Russian by Vasiliy Sarychev, a prominent journalist in Brest. The series of the book provide a lot of interesting photos and life stories of Brest inhabitants before WW2 and during WW2.

Book One was published in 2006
Книга первая, 2006 год ISBN 985-6814-04-9
Book Two was published in 2007
Книга вторая, 2007 год ISBN 978-985-6814-56-6  Book Three was published in 2009
Книга третья, 2009 год ISBN 978-985-524-015-1

In the Search of the By-Gone Time, Book 3

Book Four was published in 2011
Книга четвертая, 2011 год ISBN 978-985-524-075-5

Sarychev book 4

Book Five was published in 2013
Книга пятая, 2013 год 

Sarychev book 4

All the books were printed in Brest at the print house   "Brestskaya tipografiya".

A series of the articles by V.Sarychev about the Brest ghetto in 1941 - 1942.

Улицы Бреста рассказывают...

(Streets of Brest Are Telling...) The book was published in Russian by RIA "Vecherny Brest" in 2007. ISBN 978-985-90147-1-0.
Revised edition was published in 2016. ISBN 978-985-6964-52-0.


This book provides detailed stories about main streets of Brest.

Name list of the buried

The list of the buried at the old Trishin Cemetery in Brest was published in the local news paper.

House Numbers

An expert in restoration of old structures Nikolay Vlasyuk Sr. writes in the local news paper, when house numbers were introduced in Brest and how they were changed within 90 years.