Vasiliy Sarychev
"In the Search of the By-Gone Time"

Cover of Book 2

Book Two

Published in Brest in 2007. This is a book of 312 pages, profusely illustrated with historical photos.

Main themes:

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Wehrmacht in the Polish campaign

The defense of the Brest Fortress in 1939

"Liberatory" march of the Red Army to West Beylorussia and Ukraine Soviet-German parade in Brest

First Soviets

Nationalization of trade and industries

Municipalization of private sector

Locals and "Easters"

7-day working week

Socialist emulation

Universal high education

"Voroshilov shooter" badge



Class aliens


The period 1939-1941 was quite difficult for the citizens of Brest. Book Two of Sarychev’s documentary history shows Brest at the turning point, when the small city was engulfed in the vortex of global history, caught between two super-powers. Like Book One, this volume focuses on the experiences of ordinary citizens. The story is narrated by their voices. The author makes no attempt to undermine Soviet myths about the war period -- those are disappearing on their own, as the houses of red playing cards these myths were.

More in Russian at the website of "Vecherniy Brest" newspaper.