Kuybyshev Street

The street is 1,3 km long, running north to south, from Ordzhonikidze Street to Internatsionalnaya Street

The previous names:

Russian period

Nikolayevskaya ulitsa, (Nicholas Street)

Dolgaya ulitsa, (Long Street)

Polish period

ulica Długa ( Long Street)


Soviet period

Kuybysheva ulitsa (Kuybyshev Street)

Glimpses of the street

The northern part of the street, you will not miss, is the square in front of the bus station at the corner of Mitskevitch Street

Brest, Kuybyshev Str.  Brest, Kuybyshev Str.

(left) a prewar picture of the Russian school in Brest.

(right) the view of the building by the bus station today

Brest, Kuybyshev Str.

Here at the corner of Pushkin Street you see the market that occupies the stretch between Pushkin Street and Mitskevitch Street.

At the corner of Mayakovsky Street. The Polish consulate is seen on the right

Brest, Kuybyshev Str.

The Municipal stomatological clinic at the corner of Gogol Street and Kuibyshev Street.

Brest, Kuybyshev Str.

A former fruit processing plant

Brest, Kuybyshev Str., M.Begin Monument Brest, Kuybyshev Str. Brest, Kuybyshev Str., M.Begin

In this old house near the former synagogue the future Nobel prize-winner M. Begin used to attend school lessons. He was born in Brest in 1913

M. Begin was remembered by the memorial plaque on the wall of the former school in Brest in 2005. In 2013 a monument to him was unveiled here.

Brest, Kuybyshev Str.
There is another old house close to the former school.

Brest, Kuybyshev Str.

Holocaust Memorial at the corner of Dzerzhynsky Street

Brest, Kuybyshev Str. Brest, Kuybyshev Str.

The western side of the street near Masherov Avenue
The old wooden barrack-like house on the left must have witnessed the tragedy of the ghetto in the Nazi occupied Brest. Soon the wooden houses on the western side close to Masherov Avenue are too old and will be pulled down.