Mitskevich Street

Mickiewicz Monument in Brest

The street is 1.3 km long, stretching eastward of  Lenin Street. Adam Mitskevich, the famous poet, was born on the territory of today's Brest Region in 1798.

The previous names:

Russian period

ulitsa Kirpichnaya, Dvoryanskaya

Polish period

ulica Szlachecka, ulica Mickiewicza (Mickiewicz Street) named after Adam Mickiewicz.

Soviet period

ulitsa Mitskevicha (Mitskevich Street)

Brest, Mitskevich Str.

Adam Mitskevich bust

Brest, Mitskevich Str. Brest, Mitskevich Str.

The reconstruction in 2007 changed the view of the street. It looks like a nice boulevard today.

Mitskevich Str. Brest Brest, Mitskevich Str.

The mansions with columns, dating from the early 19th century, are seen on the northern side of the street between Komsomolskaya Street and Sovietskaya Street


Brest, Mitskevich Str.  Brest, Mitskevich Str.

At the corner of Komsomolskaya Street in July 2008



Brest, Mitskevich Str.      Brest, Mitskevich Str.

The Russian church of early 20th century at the corner of Sovietskaya Street


  Brest, Mitskevich Str. Brest, Mitskevich Str.

Round pavilions under blue light roofs appeared in the streets of Downtown.

The pictures were taken in 2008 after the reconstruction of the street.

Here at the  the corner of Sovietskaya Street one can find nice fountains with drinking water under the blue transparent roof.The basements of the fountains feature Brest's coat of arms

Brest, Mitskevich Str.

The former gymnasium houses A. Pushkin University today.

It was originally two stories high. To rise the height of the building an additional storey was added after the war.

Brest, Mitskevich Str.

the bus station is a busy hub all year round

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