Ordzhonikidze Street

The street is 1.1km long, parallel to the Warsaw - Moscow railroad, runs from Lenin street eastwards to Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The previous names:

Russian period

Sadovaya ulitsa (Garden Street)

Polish period

ulica Sadowa (Garden Street)

Soviet period

Ordzhonikidze Street

The main attractions in the street

Bug Hotel Brest

The big hotel at the corner of Ordzhonikidze Street and Lenin Street was built in 1958 and named after the Western Bug. Therefore, Bug Hotel has nothing to do with bugs!

Further eastwards along the southern side

Santa Bremor Bar and Shop

Santa Bremor Bar & Shop

Brest, railway foot-bridge

The visitor who comes to Brest by rail, walks along the footbridge and comes down to the fountain at the corner of Ordzhonikidze Street and Komsomolskaya Street
The information board (right) shows the sights of the city on the map.

Brest, fountain by the railway station Brest, fountain

Shopping area is close to the railway station 

Cleopatra Store

Cleopatra Store

Brest vodka distillery  Brest vodka distillery

The Brest vodka distillery offers the local sorts of vodka, recognized as the best in Belarus.

Brest philharmonic society

Another nice old house opposite the distillery. Today it is home to the local philharmonic society.

Sovietskaya Street

At the northern end of Sovietskaya Street

an old house

The old brick house that was painted pink

Gefest in Brest

The big plant of the Russo-Belarusian Joint Venture Gefest produces gas stoves that are sold in Belarus and Russia.

Here Ordzhonikidze Street meets Kosmonavtov Boulevard