Brest Developing

The reconstruction project in Masherov Avenue

Some structures between Marx Street and Sov Pogranichnikov Street on the northern side of Masherov Avenue date back to the late 19th century.

The building at the corner of Marx Str. was constructed in the 19th century.

The quarter underwent a redevelopment in the mid-2000s.

That is the design of the redevelopment.

Today the old structure facing the avenue has undergone a considerable reconstruction, preserving only the exterior of the building. The inserted floor was replaced, making the ceiling higher and the entire building higher as well.

Another dwelling building in an old style was built from scratch behind the old reconstructed one.

The view of the construction in March 2008

The view of the construction in September 2008

...and in October 2008

...and in December 2014

The shopping center, that was constructed in the mid-1970s in Masherov Avenue, is too small for customers.

The project for the extension of the shopping center in 17th September Street

The view of the construction in April 2008.

The new extension of the shopping center with the shop ASSORTI was completed and opened in September 2008.

Another group of high-rises will replace the big parking lot in the foreground, behind the shopping Center

A huge hypermarket has been built in the eastern residential area at the corner of Moskovskaya Street and Respubliki Avenue.

(Design) The space inside will total 20,000 sq. m.

(Design) The view from the Moskovkaya Street. To the left: the administration of Moskovsky urban district.

(Design) A bird view

Inside the future hypermarket

The millennium monument of Brest appeared at the intersection of Sovietskaya Street and Gogol Street in 2007. It was designed by the architect Alexei Andreyuk and sculptor Alexei Pavluchuk.

The initial Design was considerably changed after public discussions in Brest, taking into account its location in the historic part of the Sovietskaya Street, that is actually the Mall of Brest.

It had to represent the most remarkable personalities and events in the history of Brest. Angel with a cross, the patron of the city, crowns the top today, replacing the image in the initial design of a kneeled merchant and blessing Virgin Mary standing over him, implying she was blessing the trades that made Brest a thriving town.

In 2011, a belt of bronze relieves around the monument completed the construction. They display the history making scenes in the past of the city. The bronze tablets around the basement describe each century of the history of the city and about the construction of the Monument.

The construction site of the monument in July 2008.

Several piles are being installed under the future foundation.

The construction site of the monument in August 2008.

Several piles were installed and 

November 2008.
The foundation is ready and the site around it has been paved.

June 2009

The erection of the Millennium Monument of Brest has been started

Millennium Monument was opened on July 25, 2009.

The 14 storied uncompleted structure at the picture above was photographed in 2004. The high rise was dominating Sovietskaya Street from 1980 till the 2000s. Originally, it was designed as a hotel, to accommodate numerous guests of the Olympic games in 1980. Unfortunately, the Games in the USSR were boycotted by the USA and many guests did not come to the USSR to see Olympics games, though sport venues were awaiting them. The construction was frozen for nearly 3 decades.

In 2004, the site was acquired by Iranian investors, NMT Company, registered in Belarus. The President and founder of the business is Dr Jamshid Aminazad.
The design was proposed by the architect Anrei Ilyinov, who lives in Vitebsk, Belarus. That was one of 22 proposed designs that won.

That is a multi-purpose complex, consisting of the former 11-storied building after 3 upper stories were dismantled and a new 3-storied building along Sovietskaya Street.
The construction goes on in3 stages. The first stage of the complex was commissioned in 2013 with the opening of the shopping area and a restaurant. The total amounted 37 Mio US dollars.
After the completion of the project, that will be a big international trade center, comprising numerous offices, exhibition halls, services and a 5-storied underground parking for 260 cars. The top of the Y-shaped old high-rise was decorated with a dome in oriental style. Its balconies were decorated with expensive railings. The 3-storied building adjacent to the old one accommodates the shopping center today.

At last the work started.
The Pictures above were taken in Autumn 2008 at the corner of Sovietskaya and Mayakovsky Street.
The tallest crane was found in Belarus, to dismantle the upper 3 stories.
It will look OK among old low-rise structures around in the street.

June 2009.
The top of the building has been mounted. The billboard (bottom left) presents the view of the future Business-center "DIDAS Persia"

October 2011
The 3-storied adjacent building appeared along Sovietskaya Str.

Sovetskaya street, Brest, Belarus Sovetskaya street, Brest, Belarus
Sovetskaya street, Brest, Belarus Sovetskaya street, Brest, Belarus

The views after the first stage was commissioned.

A new fountain will appear on the site of the old one in 2018.

Old fountain in Brest published by

 The new fountain was designed by Studio "Majsterni" in the shape of a circle congruent with the round structure of the movie house Belarus nearby.

The design of the New Fountain in Brest by 
          Majsterni published

 A bridge will cross the circle, spanning the first and second millennium of Brest.
There will be a water fall and a map on the pavement, featuring the Old Town.
More in Russian in the local press

Sovetskaya street, Brest, Belarus  Sovetskaya street, Brest, Belarus  Sovetskaya street, Brest, Belarus

Several 2-storied houses on the western side between Mayakovsky Str. and Gogol Str. remained till 2014. They reminded of the former view of the shopping street. A four-star hotel on this site is being built. The old houses were pulled down in 2014.
 There will be 150 rooms in the new hotel. The front walls are planned to be preserved, yet they will be lower than the new building.

A new 4-star hotel being built in Brest

The view of the building in 2017

More in Russian in the local press and some

details of design.

At the northeastern corner of Sovietskaya and Mitskevich Str. next to the old building of Pushkin University a winter garden was built as the first in Belarus.

It was designed by Brest architects. That will be a good facility for those who study biology and tourists who would like to enjoy the green paradise.

a 3D view of the design

The construction started in 2009.

The construction was completed in 2010.

A reconstruction in Lenin Street.

The old Hotel Bug will undergo reconstruction in coming years.

The view of the Hotel (today).

The view of the Hotel (design).