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Moskovskaya Street

The tall landmark welcomes all motorists coming to Brest by M1 motorway. Here Moskovskaya Street starts, the longest street in Brest (6 km). It runs east-west across the most of the city.

The previous names:

Russian period

Shosseynaya street (Highway street). It was a stretch of Warsaw - Moscow Highway.

Polish period

ulica Jagiellonska. The street commemorated the royal dynasty of the Jagiellonians in Poland.

Soviet period

Moskovskaya street (Moscow street). The street was given the name of the place to which it leads.



the first residential estate the motorists see coming by M1.


Administration of Moskovsky District of Brest (right)
Palace of Culture (center)

Brest, Culture Palace

Palace of Culture

Brest, park

the park behind the palace

Brest, Church Brest, church

Orthodox Cathedral, built in the 1990s. It can hold about 5000 people.
(left) view before the cupolas were gilded in 2014.

Brest Technical University

Brest Technical University

Brest, HM Crown

Hypermarket Crown was commissioned in 2009.

Brest mosaic panel Brest mosaic panel

The walls of the Brest Electromechanical plant were decorated with huge eye-catching mosaic panels in the late 1980s. The Mosaic is an assemblage of tiny pieces of color stones, 1 inch each on the panel 25m broad. The three panels show the Soviet vision of history: from revolutionary past to happy future. It was created by Belarusian artist Vladimir Krivobotsky (Владимир Васильевич КРИВОБОЦКИЙ) More pictures of the mosaics.

The reclaimed riversides feature a sports complex, comprising several sports venues: the Ice Palace, the track-and-field indoor arena, the water sports palace and the ever first in Belarus baseball stadium. The sports facilities were constructed in the early 2000s.

Ice Palace Brest Ice Palace Ice Palace (Ice Arena) of Brest

the Ice Palace (Ice Arena) of Brest

indoor track-and-field arena of Brest Brest, indoor stadium

the track-and-field indoor arena of Brest

Brest baseball Brest baseball

The site before the construction of the baseball stadium (2004).The indoor track-and-field arena and the Ice Palace are seen in the background.

Brest baseball Brest baseball

During a baseball match in Brest baseball stadium (July 2007).

Brest, Water Sports Palace

This water palace was built in 2010.

Brest, Youth Palace

This palace on the riverside was built for the youth of the city in the 1970s.
Today it is a Centre of Youth Creativity.

Brest, old cemetery in Trishin

Trishin cemetery is an old municipal cemetery of Brest.


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