Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The street is 1,6 km. long, running north to south, from Ordzhonikidze Street to Masherov Avenue

The previous names:

Russian period

Slobodskaya ulitsa, Shirokaya ulitsa (Broad Street)

Polish period

ulica Sobieskiego (Sobieski Street)

Soviet period

Shevchenko Boulevard,

since 1979 the bigger northern part has been named Kosmonavtov Boulevard (Boulevard of Cosmonauts). It was named Cosmonauts Boulevard to commemorate the Soviet cosmonauts. Pyotr Klimuk was one of them. Klimuk made three flights into space: in 1973, 1975 and 1978.

Glimpses of the street

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

Here is the boulevard's south end. The boulevard is starting from Masherov Avenue. The smaller part of the boulevard behind us is Shevchenko Boulevard, that was earlier the extension of Shirokaya ulitsa (Broad Street)

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The first Belarusian cosmonaut Pyotr Klimuk is remembered by a bust. Hence the name of the boulevard.

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The bust was unveiled in 1978 after Pyotr Klimuk participated the second space flight.

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

Kosmos supermarket. The name is in the spirit of space exploration.

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The eastern side is lined on with the residential high-rises of the 1970s.

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

At the intersection of Gogol Street and this Boulevard

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The monument to the first Hero of Belarus, military pilot Vladimir Karvat. During a training flight in 1996 his jet fighter had a malfunction and was falling rapidly on a village. He decided not to catapult and did everything to lead his 25 ton plane away from the village. Thus at the cost of his life the village was rescued. Lieutenant colonel Karvat was awarded the title of the Hero of Belarus posthumously.

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The eastern side is left.

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

Here the eastern side is right. New buildings prevail in the skyline of the boulevard today. In winter it seems much broader. Further on the left Brest University is seen.

Brest, Kosmonavtov Boulevard

The new buildings close to the north end of the boulevard are home to the Brest A.S.Pushkin University.

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