Svobody Square

That square was laid out in the mid-19th century at the fork-shaped crossroads, hence its triangular shape.

Old Brest

Originally, it was a town green. By mid-19th century, the fashion for squares was greenery. Till present it is a garden square.

Old Brest

It was the central square of Brest till 1915. The main land mark in the south-eastern corner was the beautiful brick house of the town hall, "Duma" in Russian, hence the old name of the square "Dumskaya". The house was badly damaged during the invasion of Kaiser troops in August 1915 and later it was dismantled.

The previous names:

Russian period

Dumskaya Square, Ratushnaya (Town Hall) Square

Polish period

Plac J. Pilsudskiego ( J.Pilsudski Square )

Soviet period

ploshchad Svobody (Freedom Square)

The main attractions in the square:

Brest, War Memorial

War memorial

It was put up in 1965 to commemorate the Soviet troops that liberated Brest on  July 28, 1944. Every year the 28 July is celebrated as the Day of the City.

Sculptor Moisey Altshuler

Sculptor Moisey Altshuler designed the monument. In the picture (in the center) with Soviet war veterans.

Brest, War Memorial

A big boulder commemorates the 60th anniversary  of the Brest's liberation.

Brest, Svobody Square Brest, Svobody Square

Indian summer of 2009!

The south-eastern corner of the square.

Budyonny Str. and Sov. Pogranichnikov Str.

Brest, Svobody Square

A commercial college is seen on the opposite side.

You can view the square in winter here

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Old Brest