Former City Park

The previous names:

Russian period

City Garden

Polish period

Park Wolności (Freedom Park)

Soviet period

  The north-eastern part is a war memorial, the remainder is a restricted area, because a deep water well is located here, that provides with water the municipal water supply.

Old Brest Park

the main entrance to the City Garden on the north-eastern edge (early 20th century).
On the right-hand side a summer theater is seen.That was the oldest park of Brest. It was laid out in mid 19th century.

Old Brest Park today

This  area of the former parkland is closed for visitors, so far (April 2008) Lenin Street is seen in the background. Urban planners are going to develop it.

Brest War Memorial Brest War Memorial

This war memorial  was built in the mid 1970s to commemorate Soviet frontier guards who perished in the opening hours of the war, fighting back the outnumbering Hitler's troupes. The memorial is located in the northern part of the former park along the street, leading north to the Brest Fortress. There are some old trees around the memorial. It was designed by sculptor Moisey Altshuler, a picture of the sculptor Moisey Altshuler is here,